Saturday, December 26, 2009

So Sad

Salvation Army major shot in front of 3 children
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A Salvation Army worker was shot and killed Christmas Eve in front of his three young children during an attempted robbery outside the charity's community center in North Little Rock, a Salvation Army official said Friday.
North Little Rock police said they were looking for the two men who accosted Salvation Army Maj. Philip Wise outside the community center about 4:15 p.m. Thursday. No arrests have been made.
The two men fled on foot into a nearby housing development, police Sgt. Terry Kuykendall said Friday. Police don't know whether Wise, who was active in the community, knew his attackers, he said.
Wise, 40, had gone to the community center with his children to pick up his wife - also a Salvation Army major - to drive to his mother's home in West Virginia, said Maj. Harvey Johnson, area commander of the Salvation Army. As Wise neared the side door, two men approached.
Both men were carrying hand guns, police said. One demanded money and shot Wise, Pulaski County Coroner Garland Camper told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Wise's wife, Cindy, was inside the center and called 911.
Blood stained the sidewalk outside the center Friday.
The Wises had just adopted their children - ages 4, 6 and 8 - last year, Johnson said. The three were siblings who came from an abusive family. They were receiving counseling after their father's death, he said.
Kuykendall said the children were standing beside their father when he was shot, but there was apparently no interaction between the youngsters and the two men.
Wise had worked for three years in Baring Cross, a low-income neighborhood troubled by gangs and drugs, Johnson said. He ran youth programs, a food pantry and church services.
"He was involved in the fabric of that community in a lot of different ways," Johnson said.
He described Wise as "a big boy" who played "a big old tuba" in a brass ensemble and used his love of music to try help others.
"He encouraged kids in music as an alternative to the life they were living," he said.
Kuykendall said he knew Wise, although they were not close friends.
"Mr. Wise within the last two months had spent so much time raising money so that several hundred children in this community could have a good Christmas, and for this to happen ... on Christmas Eve is just a tragedy," he said.
Wise was originally from Weirton, W.Va., and his wife, Cindy, was from Charleston, W.Va. They met 16 years ago at a Salvation Army school in Atlanta, Johnson said. Both had worked for the Salvation Army ever since.
"He's touched a lot of people," Johnson said. "But who would he have touched if he had been able to live out his career?"

Friday, December 18, 2009

Robby's Story :)

Robby's NightTrue Story Worth Reading !!!
At the prodding of my friends, I am writing this story. My name is Mildred Hondorf. I am a former elementary school music teacher from Des Moines, Iowa. I've always supplemented my income by teaching piano lessons-something I've done for over 30 years. Over the years I found that children have many levels of musical ability. I've never had the pleasure of having a prodigy though I have taught some talented students.However, I've also had my share of what I call 'musically challenged' pupils. One such student was Robby. Robby was 11 years old when his mother (a single Mom) dropped him off for his first piano lesson. I prefer that students (especially boys!) begin at an earlier age, which I explained to Robby.But Robby said that it had always been his mother's dream to hear him play the piano. So I took him as a student. Well, Robby began with his piano lessons and from the beginning I thought it was a hopeless endeavor. As much as Robby tried, he lacked the sense of tone and basic rhythm needed to excel but he dutifully reviewed his scales and some elementary pieces that I require all my students to learn.Over the months he tried and tried while I listened and cringed and tried to encourage him. At the end of each weekly lesson he'd always say, 'My mom's going to hear me play someday.' But it seemed hopeless. He just did not have any inborn ability. I only knew his mother from a distance as she dropped Robby off or waited in her aged car to pick him up. She always waved and smiled but never stopped in.Then one day Robby stopped coming to our lessons.I thought about calling him but assumed because of his lack of ability, that he had decided to pursue something else. I also was glad that he stopped coming. He was a bad advertisement for my teaching!Several weeks later I mailed to the student's homes a flayer on the upcoming recital. To my surprise Robby (who received a flayer) asked me if he could be in the recital. I told him that the recital was for current pupils and because he had dropped out he really did not qualify. He said that his mother had been sick and unable to take him to piano lessons but he was still practicing 'Miss Hondorf, I've just got to play!' he insisted.I don't know what led me to allow him to play in the recital. Maybe it was his persistence or maybe it was something inside of me saying that it would be all right. The night for the recital came. The high school gymnasium was packed with parents, friends and relatives. I put Robby up last in the program before I was to come up and thank all the students and play a finishing piece. I thought that any damage he would do would come at the end of the program and I could always salvage his poor performance through my 'curtain closer.'Well, the recital went off without a hitch. The students had been practicing and it showed, then Robby came up on stage. His clothes were wrinkled and his hair looked like he'd run an eggbeater through it. 'Why didn't he dress up like the other students?' I thought. 'Why didn't his mother at least make him comb his hair for this special night?'Robby pulled out the piano bench and he began. I was surprised when he announced that he had chosen Mozart's Concerto #2120 in C Major. I was not prepared for what I heard next. His fingers were light on the keys, they even danced nimbly on the ivories. He went from pianissimo to fortissimo. From allegro to virtuoso. His suspended chords that Mozart demands were magnificent! Never had I heard Mozart played so well by people his age. After six and a half minutes he ended in a grand crescendo and everyone was on their feet in wild applause.Overcome and in tears, I ran up on stage and put my arms around Robby in joy. 'I've never heard you play like that Robby! How'd you do it? 'Through the microphone Robby explained: 'Well, Miss Hondorf, remember I told you my Mom was sick? Well, actually she had cancer and passed away this morning and well. .. She was born deaf so tonight was the first time she ever heard me play. I wanted to make it special.'There wasn't a dry eye in the house that evening. As the people from Social Services led Robby from the stage to be placed into foster care, I noticed that even their eyes were red and puffy and I thought to myself how much richer my life had been for taking Robby as my pupil.No, I've never had a prodigy but that night I became a prodigy . .. Of Robby's. He was the teacher and I was the pupil for it is he that taught me the meaning of perseverance and love and believing in yourself and maybe even taking a chance in someone and you don't know why.Robby was killed in the senseless bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April of 1995. And now, a footnote to the story.If you are thinking about forwarding this message, you are probably thinking about which people on your address list aren't the 'appropriate' ones to receive this type of message. The person who sent this to you believes that we can all make a difference. So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice: Do we act with compassion or do we pass up that opportunity and leave the world a bit colder in the process?

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Once our eyes are opened we cannot pretend we do not know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows we know, and holds us responsible to act. Proverbs 24:12

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dinner out with Les's work

Mom & Maxim



Didnt take pics of Alina and Brandon ? Not sure why, I thought I did. We had a great meal and got some wonderful gifts :) Thanks you Major Jeff & Mrs. Linda. We are so lucky to have you both.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sudden Loss

I learned that sometimes "not knowing" is all I know.

I learned that I have a lot more to learn about myself.

I learned that I can blame anything & everything until I run out of breath-but I become empowered when I quit asking "why me" & start asking " what will I do with this?"

I learned there is nothing as precious as right now- even when "now" doesn't seem precious.

I learned the I cannot make up for today bu living or working "harder" or "doing more" or "spending more time" tomorrow.

I learned that I can never know what the day may bring, but it is up to me at its close, to know what the day brought.

I re-learned the value of a moment.

Just for Fun

Aubriana & Aliana




Today we were invited for cookies, crafts, and photos with Santa :) I think we all have a good time !!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want;
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil;
for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Some Friends who got Married this month, Love them bunches!!!!
The man who holds me up when I lean too much.

My Son T.J. 7/31/85 - 10/21/09 He and I were in the car just left Dairy Queen for son yummy ice cream:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

South America

Well not much to report about it with the exception its still in the same place it was last time I looked on the map :) I'm put out with it and cant say whey ! But if they could eat their young they most likely would!!!!!!!

Nhikko has a broken leg with a full cast on it.

I am tired.

Les is tired.

Trying to find homes for kids, not ours, other children (disruptions).

My good friend Nahda has her new son M coming from NY. Thanks to me :) How wonderful and exciting...I matched them, it will be nice to see what I like to do. Find families for children. I can see them in the Real life, not just photos :)

I don't know where the year went, and have so much to reflect on :( My big boys, wanting to move, new Maddox coming, It will get better with time, my older children who need to go on like all of us.

Most people who look at our family they wonder how and why we keep going on, what can you do. Stop, drop & roll. And when you get up know that your Faith in God will and can bring you through tough times in life. Most families don't have the loss of 1 child then another 14 months later. But we did, and we are, and we will get through it. Day by Day, because Faith is something someone cant give you. I love an awesome God, I hope you do too.

Some good friends sent a card and inside they wrote all I can say is "this sucks" Yep it sure does :)

God bless you all,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Prop us up!!!!! Thanks Val

LORD PROP US UP..... Every time I am asked to pray, I think of the old deacon who always prayed, 'Lord, prop us up on our leanin' side.' After hearing him pray that prayer many times, someone asked him why he prayed that prayer so fervently. He answered, 'Well sir, you see, it's like this ... I got an old barn out back. It's been there a long time; it's withstood a lot of weather; it's gone through a lot of storms, and it's stood for many years.. It's still standing. But one day I noticed it was leaning to one side a bit. So I went and got some pine poles and propped it up on its leaning side so it wouldn't fall. Then I got to thinking about that and how much I was like that old barn. I've been around a long time. I've withstood a lot of life's storms. I've withstood a lot of bad weather in life, I've withstood a lot of hard times, and I'm still standing too. But I find myself leaning to one side from time to time, so I like to ask the Lord to prop us up on our leaning side, 'cause I figure a lot of us get to leaning at times. Sometimes we get to leaning toward anger, leaning toward bitterness, leaning toward hatred, leaning toward cussing, leaning toward a lot of things that we shouldn't. So we need to pray, 'Lord, prop us up on our leaning side, so we will stand straight and tall again, to glorify the Lord.'' If you stare at this barn for a second you will see who will help us stand straight and tall again. If you wish to, pass this on to others who might need Propping Up. Thank you Lord for always propping me up.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun Friday

Fall fun for the family at Maxim's school. Aliana & Aubriana went and had fun too!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Mother only grieves because she LOVES so deeply.



I needed time, time for it to become real! I miss him so, I still cant say it. I just think Ill rest for several months before I open up that can of worms. I'm still soaking up Justin being gone, now T.J........ Awwwwww, where to go and what to do from now on. How do I go from having 5 big kids at Christmas down to 3. I have got cards, flowers, monies, emails, phone calls. Its all so nice, I want to Thank everyone. We are going to get through this and still be somewhat together in our minds when its all done and said!!! But for now I think I'm the coco bird who is in flight.
Hugs, Melonie
George Thomas "TJ" Doughty, Jr.July 31, 1985 - October 21, 2009
Funeral services for George Thomas "TJ" Doughty, Jr. of Mountain Home, AR, will be 11:00 A.M. Monday, October 26, 2009 at Salvation Army Chapel, with Major Jeff Daniel officiating. Visitation will be from 2-4 P.M., Sunday, October 25 at Kirby & Family Funeral Home. TJ died Wednesday, October 21, 2009 in Mountain Home at the age of 24. He was born Wednesday, July 31, 1985 in Denver, Colorado, son of George Thomas and Melonie Gibbens Doughty, Sr. George lived in Mountain Home since 2004 moving from Kansas City, Kansas. He enjoyed camping, fishing and building hot rod cars. TJ enjoyed mathmatics, he was a "Numbers Person". TJ is survived by his mother, Melonie (Les) Thompson of Mountain Home, AR, father, George Thomas Doughtry, Sr. of Kansas City, KS, paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Doughty of Mountain Home, AR, 6 brothers, Michael Arens of Kansas City, KS, Dylan Hargis, Sasha Thompson, Nhikko Thompson, Max Thompson and Noah Thompson all of Mountain Home, AR, 5 sisters, Tiffany WIlliams of Kansas City, KS, Jamio Langford, Aubri Thompson, Aliana Thompson and Hillary Thompson, all of Mountain Home, AR, niece, Briana and nephew, Maddox, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded in death by his brother, Justin, paternal grandfather, Robert Doughty and maternal grandparents Sylvia and Walter White. Arrangements are by Kirby & Family Funeral & Cremation Services.
VisitationSunday October 25, 2009, 2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. at Kirby & Family Funeral Home Chapel Click for Map and Directions
Funeral ServiceMonday October 26, 2009, 11:00 A.M. at Salvation Army Church Click for Map and Directions

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Road Trip

We had to go to Kansas for a funeral this week. Its so nice to see Family but hate it was at such a sad place. My Aunts husband passed away, 47 years is a long time to be married. I'm so sure she is feeling lost at this moment in her life. She cared for my Mother while she was sick for several years. You forget how much family sacrifices for each other. I love you Aunt Pat for who you were to my Mom and my Daughter.

Hugs, Melonie

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just 4 Fun

The girls had a Hawaiian dance to go to on Friday, then they went for a sleep over at friends houses, then a Birthday party. We had a busy weekend but got lots done. ALMOST ready for winter. Heading to South America in October :) I cant wait!! Got all the kids costumes ready with the exception of the big girls. So, I'm on it.

Hugs, Melonie

Friday, September 25, 2009


Father, in the Name of Jesus, bless me even while I'm reading this prayer and bless the one that sent this to me in a special way.

Open doors in our lives today, Save and set free!
Give us a double portion of your Spirit as we take back everything that the devil has stolen:
****Emotional Health****Physical Health****Finances****Relationships****Children**** Jobs****Homes****Marriages I cancel every plot, plan and scheme the enemy has devised against us in the NAME OF JESUS.And I declare: NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER.
I speak LIFE into every dead situation. And, I thank You that nothing is over until YOU say it's over!

Speak prophetically into our lives and to our situations:****our households are blessed; **** our health is blessed;**** our marriages are blessed;**** our finances are blessed;**** our relationships are blessed;**** our businesses are blessed;**** our jobs are blessed;**** our children are blessed;**** our grandchildren are blessed;**** our parents are blessed;**** our siblings are blessed;**** our ministries are blessed;**** our decisions are blessed;**** our friends are blessed.**** Mortgages are paid and debts canceled;

*****our hearts' desires are on the way;
According to YOUR perfect will and plan for our lives.

IN JESUS' NAME! AMEN!Say this prayer, and then send it to EVERYBODY YOU KNOW.
Within hours countless people will have prayed for you, and you will have caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other.

'Safety is not the absence of danger, butis the presence of God' A child asked Jesus.... How much do U love me? Jesus replied, 'I love you this much.' and He stretched His arms to the cross and died for us.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Fun Months

Well, To put it short and simple we have been soooo busy. What a summer, Weddings, lake days, Boys & Girls, Football and just fun....Have lots still to do. And somethings have changed and were not done yet. Hope you enjoy our photos, not all of the kids but some. Aubri is back home and doing soo good :) God is good all the time !!!!!!!

Hugs, Melonie

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Life is what you make it! Right, Well sure if it was all about you, but it is not. Its all about lots of other things too! For the last year I have become a Mother to a child who has passed away!!!!!
And, I am always reminded of it daily, for my heart breaks for him. But, as I look back over this first year of grief, I began to see patterns in my choices and new principles about life.

The principal is this: beauty can help to bring healing- Your children you still have, rainbows, mountains, your spouse, woolly lambs, fresh strawberries, homemade ice cream, old friends, new friends, church family, a wet kiss from a 4 year old, a wedding, and new grandchild, a hug from a stranger, a brisk walk, a phone call from an old friend, brokenness, appreciation for each other, loving God in the mist of all of my loss.

I'm forever grateful to all of the people who love us. And I'm forever grateful to my children who have lost someone they too love.
I hope you are well,
All my love, Melonie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its A Boy

Baby makes 4 :) I'm just jumping for Joy, Its a Boy. The perfect family Jake, Tiffany, Briana & Baby Boy.......
We love all 4 of YOU,
Les & Mom

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ouch That Hurt

Well today I got a call from someone who had a basket full of Bad News for me!! I cant share about what, but its about international adoption. I don't know how to respond to any of it except "Press on" God never fails me, He never has left me when I ask for him to make a way for me. So I ask God again to press on for me, make the water still so I can cross, take what I have claimed mine and return back home safe and sound. Press on God, make the way so it can be for your glory only. Press on so a child will live not die! Press on God, claim what is right and just!

I love the Lord, and he never fails us, if it is in your heart then it will be. Please pray for this situation to be resolved, that hearts will be softened and his will be done. I have nothing to offer this situation but to pray!!!!!! PLEASE Pray with me.

Thank you, Melonie

Saturday, July 11, 2009

For All of You

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass It's about learning to dance in the rain. Ephesians 5:15 encourages us to 'be very careful how you live, making the most of your time.' Each and every one of us is going through tough times right now, but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that only He can.Keep the faith. This prayer is powerful, and prayer is one of the best gifts we receive. There is no cost but a lot of rewards. Let's continue to pray for one another. Father, I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those that I care deeply for, who are reading this right now. Show them a new revelation of Your love and power. Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment. Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence through Your grace. Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings. In Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Thanks, Charlotte
Hugs, Melonie

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Queen

I sent her a message at 10:13 yesterday that said Happy Bday I love y. She sent me 1 that said I'm not born yet!!!! For 26 Years I call her at 10:54 and sing her Happy Birthday.... Yesterday was no exception....What a great Daughter, Friend, Mother.
Her new life will start soon. I wish her so much luck in life.
I hope her Brother will start his new life one day. I just am not sure when that will be. Just keep praying:)
Hope you all are having a happy day. We have some fun planned for the kids this weekend.
Hugs, Melonie

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Oh look.... The TJ I know, the one before is car crash. Went to visit him today:) He looked so good!!!! It was nice to see normal again. Glad you are on your way to Being well:>)
Hugs, Mom

Saturday, July 4, 2009


On of my Favorites of Justin!!!! Miss you buddy!!!! Hope everyone has a safe & happy day.
Hugs, Melonie

Jami & TJ

Look what I found on Jami Lee's page.... A good photo of T.J.(George) I was sick last week so I couldn't go and see him so Ill go this week!!!!
Happy 4th to everyone...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 years

Look its Maxs Mom & Dad at church.... He had to take our 6th year photo with us. Hugs, Melonie

Camp Rocks

Camp was a blast. I had 13 girls from our church... I had the best time ever. 6 days from home was nice too. This has been a busy as a bee summer. and still lots more to come. hope your summer is been as good as ours!!!!

Hugs, Melonie

Road trip

We went to fort smith, Russellville, Conway and back home. 14 hours on the road... The kids were perfect and we got to see our great friends Wllie & Lori. And the bunch they have. GREAT PEOPLE who do soooo much for children. Thanks for the chairs for Nicaragua.

Hugs, Melonie

Bridal Shower

It was all so perfect for her day:) My good friend Rhonda with her. She looks so great huh. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful Daughter like her. Love you Tiffany,

Alinas Birthday

Its a whole new world now 13...... MMMMMmmmmm go away boys:)

Not the best photos I have taken. lol lol