Sunday, January 25, 2009

Noah at ACH

We took Noah to ACH for a Nero visit and so we went to visit my good friend Charlotte who is in the process of adopting a very lucky girl named Sasha. Sammi drove with us and we had a long but fun day. Alina is friends with Charlotte's new Daughter. How nice for them to meet again in America. Hugs, Mel


Did we have a great trip:) Yes, we did. Went out for dinner, and my Brother and his kids, mom, and Girlfriend came. Went to the Legends mall!!! Ate way toooo much when I was there and went to see my Dad in Leavenworth National Cemetery. I do miss Kansas because I could just go and sit and enjoy the sun and be next to him:) My GB is the most wonderful thing ever, and it was nice to just have a break.
Hugs, Melonie