Monday, June 30, 2008

Grant Money

We are applying for grants to adopt Alina. Why you ask... Well this is our 4th child we have adopted in 2 years. I'm going to start some fundraising also next week. It is our hope that we can raise most of our adoption money this way. We cant afford another credit card bill this I know for sure.
So I'm collecting stuff for a Large Sale. We have a private Donner who has said they would help with Alina's fees! Don't know how much but any will be greatly appreciated. How have all of you raised money?
Gift of adoption gave us 5000.00 for Max's adoption. I told everyone we were going to get a grant for him from them and we sure did. God never lets us down when we ask!!!
Hugs, Melonie

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Look what the dog drug in!!!!!! Yep, Another kid. But this one has its own home & A job.... Justin is child #3 and the 2nd boy... Hes quiet, shy and a all around wonderful person! Yes I love this Boy of mine:):)

Church & Family

We love our Church, and all of the members. They are very positive and supportive through all of life's struggle. Good, Bad, Happy, Sad! They are the foundation of life. I am a better person, wife, mother because of our church and its members. If you do not attend a church I encourage you to search for the one that fits you. God is someone who will never leave you or hurt you, He died on the cross for all our sins so if you feel like you have done so much wrong in your life and you cant be forgiven. Just Ask... If you have addictions that you cant overcome. Just Ask and he will remove them for you. If your life is out of sorts!!!! Invite God to dinner, He will show up. When the world and people have let me down, just know God has not. If you don't know who He is... I pray you ask him into your heart right now:) Why are the people in this Church so important to us you ask.. Because as we love our children so will they. As we went to Adopt Sasha, Nhikko & Max. They prayed for us, helped us, provided for us, loved us. But most importantly loved them just as we did. And they will love Alina just as we do. It is so exciting to share about what God can do for you if you "just ask".' Today was church at the lake. We had a great service and fellowship dinner and time after to play and swim. God is good all the time, All the time God is good.

Hugs, Melonie

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family of the Month

Every month I'm going to find a special family to share about. I wont always know the families I pick personally. But this family I know because the are very near and dear to my heart. I don't have a photo of them yet to share but I'm sure I will ... hint, hint!!!!
The family is..... Scott & Jacque, They have 2 boys and are very committed parents. While many of us who adopt special need children have made that a choice they were given a child with C.P. through birth. They were very young when he was born, he was their 2nd child and they stuck together when I think others would of walked away. Not for lack of love but for fear. I call on them LOTS when I have questions about Nhikko. They are always positive and so helpful to Les and I about what we can expect for our son. They are one of the most committed and caring parent I know and I wish them Love, Peace, Joy and Hope for all the days of their life. If ever I could build a home for all of us to be in I would. They live in Texas and we will be going to Texas on some official business soon so we will be able to spend some much needed time with them!!!
I love and miss them and just want them to know from us... Your awesome XOXOXOXOXO.


I took this photo of Alina and I fell in love with it. It shows the side of her she was not ready to show. She let her guard down and she opened up. It was nice to get to know her. When I left her and was on my way back to Max I had to cry. I had so much to go home to and she had nothing and no one. We have so much in this world of ours and children like her have so little. SO, I hope everyone will understand why we need to save her. When I look at her I look at Tiffany De lynne, my oldest daughter. Alina reminds me of her so much. In all the ways that are positive and driven.

Happy Anniversy Les

To my Hubby " I love you" .......Thank you for being the man who loves me through ALL of my short comings. He is my best friend and my sounding board. He is an awesome Dad and a wonderful example of a Great son. Your Mom would be proud!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Charlotte

I just want you to know how much I enjoy my Blog...... Thanks to Charlotte For doing my Blog page for me:):)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A good day out of ICU. Boys!!

Dylans Birthday BBQ

My Birth Baby... Look who is 17. Dylan makes me feel old:) Man am I short oh what, The boys need to stop growing. TJ on the right had his car crash 6 days later! ouch for him.

Max home 3 months

Max has been home just 3 months. He is soo funny and such a happy little guy:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to my blog !

Hoping to go to Estonia soon to bring home my newest daughter, Alina from Estonia !

This is our 4th adoption from Estonia !