Thursday, February 26, 2009


Telling the truth for some people is hard to do! I know this because I have a child that struggles with this issue. This person is always sick, always on drama mode, always telling a lie. I hate this with all of my heart. I hate to be told a lie. I have never been a perfect person, mother, friend, roll model, or a perfect christian! I seek to be a better person and a better christian. I have praised God in all of my last years struggles. My oldest son who was in a automobile accident and was airlifted to a hospital 2.5 hours away, my son Justin who passed away on Aug. 18,2008 just 2 days before the 5 year anniversary of my fathers death. I love my God and I love my children. But my cup is full with this junk, and its high time this child GROW UP. I have talked with 2 different Doctors and I have been told to put the truth in this persons face in the hope this person will stop. Its so hard to give love to a lie! I'm sooo frustrated with children in the world today. They think we are to carry them forever???? I didn't have my Mother carry me forever since she passed away when I was 11. WHEW, I feel so much better to get this off my chest!!!
Hope you don't have this problem too but I know life is not perfect so I'm sure some of you do.
Hugs, Melonie


Hes a crazy boy that's for sure. He went to get his test for his allergy issues. Boy that was sooo much fun. I know I look forward to 100+ shots.
The Drs. office called this am. We will start shots next week, every week for 6 months. Then we will see if they are helping and decide to continue. For the 2 years we have had Sasha he has been the green eyed monster not to mention the nose. So lets hope that we didn't do this for nothing!
Last week Nhikko had to go to ACH for a upper GI, It came back great. Then on Monday Nhikko went back to ACH with Daddy since I had to work to meet with the Pulmonary Doctor. It was such good news I wanted to cry.
His lungs are great but his tubes to the lungs keep a wet infection in them... So we have a plan of action with the hope this will keep us out of the Hospital and him well.
This has been a crazy month for us and I hope it will slow down. But most likely not. ACH is a 3.5 hour drive 1 way for us. then wait to see the Doctor then drive home. It makes for a long day. In April we have 4 appointments in 1 week.... with different children.
And I plan to leave for Nicaragua soon. Yes, I'm busy. So this is why I have had no time to post.
Thinking of you all, Melonie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Did I say I have been Busy!!!!! My Brother and his girl friend came down for a weekend, trying to clean up after the ice storm, building new rabbit cages, cleaning out the pole bard, and getting ready for a big moving sale in March, finishing up on Hillary and Noah's adoption and then looking at a home to buy in town and selling this home or might just rent it out......... And buying a new Van for ME!!!!!!! And donating the blue car to the Church for someone who needs it. We were going to give it Dylan but ???????? He cant have it now.

I know the economy has just been the pits for lots of us so we are stepping out in faith with all we are wanting to do. We will see what the Lord gives us and be happy with it. Just some photos to share!!

Hugs to all, Melonie

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mr. Max

The mad man had a operation today. He had tubes put in his ears, and he was a trooper. Never even had 1 tear. He was bouncing off the walls when he got home. So much for taking a nap and him feeling tired LOL LOL LOL

Ice storm

We had a nasty storm dump some ice on us. We have never been off this bad. Nhikko was in the Hospital for 5 days. All of the children were home sick. The roads were a mess. We live out of town and had to cut our way out of the drive just to get Nhikko to the Hospital, no phones were working so no 911. WOW..... it was a bummer. The kids and I stayed home in the Barn where the wood stove was for 1.5 days. Then my Hubby came to save us. I did try and move my car but it slid down the hill :( Duhhhh not 4 wheel drive.....
Thank God we all are home and have power, some homes will wait as long as the middle of MARCH!!!!!!!! I would be a crazy lady.
Hugs, Melonie